Pink Sheet Method (2014) was commissioned by the Open Data Institute as part of their annual art programme Data as Culture, in partnership with FutureEverything and Lighthouse. 

Taking place over three locations and involving performative procedures of data collection, exhibition, re-examination and validation, Pink Sheet Method sought to investigate economies of data exchange and consider how transaction is employed to create perceived but oblique value.

Personal Data Audit Sessions (also known as Event #1 White Sheet) took place on 29 - 30 March 2014 in Manchester during FutureEverything festival. In this event, primary white sheets removed from triplicate, carbonless data extraction sets, were issued to members of the public as limited edition prints signed by a thickear artist, in exchange for their personal information.

A secondary copy of that form (also known as Event #2 Pink Sheet) was installed during an administrative intervention by thickear at the Open Data Institute in London, on 11 April 2014.

In the third iteration of Pink Sheet Method (also known as Event #3 Blue Sheet), thickear publicly displayed the final degraded remnants of the data collected, whilst announcing the opportunity to commission its deletion.

At a special free event at Lighthouse in Brighton on 3 July 2014, members of the public were offered the chance to barter to purchase the right to paint over one or more of the 120 blue data sheets on display. Participants names and the details of their transaction were then recorded directly onto the gallery wall for the remainder of the Data as Culture exhibition.

All public participants in the initial earlier Manchester event where asked for explicit consent to the use of their data in this third and final stage, although it was made clear that the specific use of the blue sheets in Brighton was completely unknown at the time.